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I received my nursing degree 25 years ago from Grayson County. I have always been interested in the care and concern for people and animals alike. I have been applying my care giving skills to "pets only" now for the last several years. I have literally turned my love for animals into something I get to do on a full time basis! In the course of a few years, I have become a true animal advocate and devote time every day to staying abreast of any new or changing legislation regarding the welfare of all animals worldwide.


Locally, however, I am able to provide total "one on one" care for people's pets like they are one of my own. For me, caring for your animals is a gift. I believe we are better people for having pets. There is nothing better than having your eyes met with the unconditional love that is shown to you by these wonderful creatures.


My favorite animal quote of all time is this, "Saving an animal won't change the world, but for that animal the world will change forever." That is why a portion of every single penny I make is donated to an animal charity. This is my story. This is my love. From my little part of the world on Lake Texoma, just trying to help animals in any way I can. When you choose Paws & Effect pet sitting you will be helping too ! 

When you help your pets, you also help other animals in need. A portion of all proceeds will go to the animal charity of your choice!


"I had serious concerns about having someone stay at our home, and take care of our 2 boys while we had to leave town for work. Upon meeting Kristin for the first time, ALL of my concerns were immediately gone. She not only goes above and beyond to take care of our boys, like we would want, but it's actually a relief that she watches them at their own home. I highly recommend Kristin and hope that you will give your furry family a vacation by having her care for them while you are away!" - Randall Baker

"Awesome! Kristin treats our dog better than we do when she keeps him at our house. He loves being able to stay in his own house when we go out of town. He also loves having Kristin spoil him even more than he is already! Plus...she gives a portion of her proceeds to animal charity."- Amy Jack

Kristin --- does an amazing job w/pets --- kinda like a pet whisperer amazing lady !! - Kathy Medlin

"Kristin can be trusted with your home, and your furry family members! Other my family's experiences, as a landlord of a huge luxury community, I have first hand experience observing Kristin taking care of my resident's pets. Everyone raves about her! The effect on your paws is true happiness while you're away!"- Jeffrey Benton

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